GamesCom Highlights

Meine GamesCom (Berichterstattungs-)Highlights:

  • Guild Wars 2 Interview by YogsCast

    Superb Guild Wars 2 Interview by Yogscast – Lead Game Designer gives great overview and details about dynamics, combat, PvE vs PvP vs WorldVsWorld,  and the 3-dimensional under-water combat and gameplay. Interview starts at 5:55.

  • TotalBuscuit checks out Firefall (Part 2)

    Watching the TotalHalibut WTF is of Firefall from GamesCom; looks pretty nice. Firefall is an MMO Team-Shooter; direct control, 3 classes, persistent world and character and loot. The game will be Free2Play and the shop will focus only on aesthetics! Neat. Looking forward to it.

  • TotalBiscuit plays Guild Wars 2

    His first impressions. Direct Audio feed – so you can hear the in-game audio very good. Check that

  • TotalBiscuit Interview & GamePlay of 5on5 PvP