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I’m a passionate Coder, Engineer, Administrator, Gamer, Contributor and User. I love Open Source and Free Software, open communities and development and, of course, programming itself. Developing and contributing to projects, which help many people, is what I like most. I follow blogs and news to stay up to date and enjoy learning new techniques and about new projects (recently Golang and Mercurial).

I started coding and administrating for my gaming clan in 2004 and soon continued to learn more and more about remote Linux server administration and programming. Already knowing HTML and CSS I first extended the clans PHP website and soon coded my own websites. It became clear programming is what I wanted to do.

Enjoying gaming I was also always interested in both the modding scene, modding itself and game development. I created Maps for games and started modelling in Maya. Later on I mainly translated, for mod projects but also for FOSS projects (especially Mumble, SMF).

In 2007 I began my study of applied computer science (“Angewandte Informatik”) at the Hochschule Offenburg in Germany and received my bachelors degree in 2011 with a grade of 1.2 in my bachelor thesis and 1.7 all-in-all.

While studying, I continued to scan the internet about the world of programming, development, projects and startups, but also politics and communities. Also, I continued to contribute to the world of free software. I gave a lot of support for Mumble, started my (the first) PHP web-interface for Mumble in 2009, and started using Git for all and everything.

In the meantime, I finally learned Golang and Mercurial (and started a new project) and continue to love FOSS and contributing to everyones good, as well as learning.

In July 2011 I began working at iT Engineering, a small German machine- and production-software development firm. Finally coding some small and big, real-world and mathematics/geometrics-heavy software in C++ :).

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