Mozilla Jetpack Coding Style

Coding Style

  • 2-column indentation
  • 80-character limit for all lines
  • single quotation ' over double quotation " - but keep files general style
  • use let, not var
  • dots at end of line, not front (cross-newline “concatenators”)
  • Use camelCase for functions and variables.
  • capitalized CamelCase for classes / constructor functions
  • filenames in all lowercase (to avoid confusion on case-sensitive platforms) - should end in .js and should contain no punctuation except for -.
  • no parenthesis for single-line-blocks
  • no newline in front of opening curly brace
  • newline in front of else (}\nelse {)
  • one branch needs braces -> all branches need braces
  • trible equal === over double equal ==
  • (separate) functions over closures
  • JSDoc for functions - definitely for exported ones, encouraged for internal functions
  • single line comments //
  • full sentence comments preferred - correct punctuation
  • backtick identifiers `uri` (in comments)