Hugo Page Bundles, Leafs and Branch Bundles

Leaf Bundle Branch Bundle
Usage Collection of content and attachments for single pages Collection of attachments for section pages (home page, section, taxonomy terms, taxonomy list)
Index file name
Allowed Resources Page and non-page (like images, pdf, etc.) types Only non-page (like images, pdf, etc.) types
Where can the Resources live? At any directory level within the leaf bundle directory. Only in the directory level of the branch bundle directory i.e. the directory containing the
Layout type single list
Nesting Does not allow nesting of more bundles under it Allows nesting of leaf or branch bundles under it
Example content/posts/my-post/ content/posts/
Content from non-index page files… Accessed only as page resources Accessed only as regular pages

Multi-Lingual URLs

Content Example Front Matter Fields Configurable Permalink
Simple Page content/post/ slug, url Yes
Leaf Bundle content/post/test-2/ slug, url Yes
Section Page / Branch Bundle content/post/ url No