How to use screen - reference

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Common Use

screen -r <name>
reattach to running screen sesstion

screen -ls
list running screen sessions (for user)

Launch server / open command in background (detached):

screen -AmdS ''tf2_pub'' ./srcds_run -console -game ''tf'' +map ''cp_well'' +maxplayers ''16'' -autoupdate

where tf2_pub is the name you want to give the screen session (/instance)
where tf is the game name (folder name) of the game you want to start

Open the background session:

screen -x ''tf2_pub''

Detach again (push it to background again):

CTRL + a + d


-x: attach to a session – (non-singular login)
-A: Adapt the sizes of all windows to the size of the current terminal.
-d -m (both): start session detached
-S sessionname: name the session