Oddshot Clip Listing and Video-Player (for select SMITE Twitch Streamers)

Created in May 2016. Disfunctional since February 2018.

The service provider Oddshot.tv introduced livestream viewers to be able to clip up to 60 seconds of the stream to capture highlights.

The service was a huge success, even without a useful interface for managing and listing highlights. But to collect and present oddshots this project implemented, this webpage was created.

For two streamers, Suntouch and Shadowqwe, a list of stream highlights is manually created and maintained. This list of channels and highlight clips is presented in a simple navigation, and the clips are automatically loaded in the embedded player.

Eventually, Twitch (and consequently the newer Mixer) deployed their own highlight clipping by viewers.

The native support eventually led to Oddshot.tv shutting down[2]. Unfortunately, the historic clips are no longer available, no longer served (although I do have some local copies).

That also means this project is no longer usable as it once was. Now it is merely a proof of implementation and technical reference, and provided for these and historic reasons.

The projects webpage is available at https://kcode.de/smite/oddshots/.