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Software Recommendations for Video-/Audio-Editing & -Encoding


Video Processors

  • ffmpeg – convert/stream between formats


  • WebM
  • x264 (rather free pendant (encoder) for h.264)
  • Huffyuff – for lossless encoding (eg. if you want to edit it further)

Container Formats

  • mp4
  • mkv – probably the one with most features; soft subs, chapters, linking through files, several video and audio streams possible
  • ogm/ogg – another open alternative
  • avi – old-school

Audio Codecs

  • Opus – This is the best audio codec to use for any application. It dynamically adjusts to the use case (use with voice vs music, low vs high bitrate, etc). Free license, no caveats and limitations.
  • (ogg) Vorbis – Free and open codec. Predecessor to Opus.
  • (LAME) mp3 – mp3 is the widest spread audio codec in use, but costs royalty money. It is not a free codec. LAME is a free encoder for the MP3 format.