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Software Recommendations for End-User

  • For Installation with minimal hassle: Ninite


  • 7-zip – Compressing and uncompressing files in and into various formats.
    • LZMA/7zip is the most efficient one, free and open.
    • Also handles zip, rar, etc.

Web-Browser (ranked by degree of recommendation)

  • Firefox – as the highly configurable and modular superb browser
  • Chrome – Fast, efficient, by Google
  • Opera

E-Mail and Calendar


Text Editor

Music Player

Media Player / Codec Pack

free, good antivirus


  • Mumble – your #1 VoIP, ultra low latency, superb quality - self-hosted, or public servers (keep control over your data)


  • SIP Communicator (Win-only)



  • qTorrent – small, fast and feature-rich


  • Quassel IRC - can be run as a local client, or server bnc and client with saved scrollback
  • Hexchat - successor of XChat WDK, multi-server capable, multiple plugin APIs (languages)

Virtual Machine (β€œVM”)

Mounting Images (ISO, Bin, etc)


  • Greenshot - take screenshots from fullscreen, window, region, instant-save or edit them for adding marks like arrows, hightlights or text


  • LibreOffice - β€œOffice” software package. Free software writer, table calculator, math formular creator, and presentation software.
  • FreeFileSync - for all your backup, file-folder synchronisation and comparison needs
  • Tipp10 – Learning to Type