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Software Recommendations for Software Developer

IDE – Integrated Development Environment

  • VS Code
  • Eclipse – Years ago Eclipse was my favorite and go-to IDE for many languages.

Version Control

  • Git – distributed version management, your best choice
    • TortoiseGit – Windows GUI frontend, integrated: right click menu

Programming Languages to check out

  • Julia – My new favorite
  • Go – Golang is a relatively new, designed with big thought, compiled and type-safe programming language. It targets to be fast to implement, provides native UTF-8 string handling, native concurrency with goroutines, and a ton of other great features and tools.
  • Rust – For its interesting borrowing system.
  • .NET – In the past years Dotnet improved in various aspects (better, open documentation, multiplatform, open architecture and standards) while Java is becoming less of an option (Oracle Licensing).
  • C++ – Still a well established and important language for existing and conservative projects looking for compiled, efficient code and established technology.
    • Qt – the Qt framework is a fully fledged multi platform framework and language extension of C++.

Static Website Generator

  • Hugo – static website generator with powerful templating, shortcodes, content and resource handling.