Firefox Webbrowser Extensions


Addon Description Sourcecode
uBlock Origin Ad blocker GitHub
Privacy Badger Blocks trackers; Firefox does this natively now GitHub
Imagus Show/Inline-Preview images on link-hover
Consent-O-Matic Automatically declines data use request dialogs GitHub
Website Addon Description Sourcecode
YuTube YuTube Playback-Speed Control Player control for speed GitHub
YouTube SponsorBlock Skip sponsor messages in videos; community-sourced data GitHub
GitHub Refined GitHub Various website additions and improvements GitHub


Addon Description Sourcecode
Gesturefy Mouse-gesture shortcuts/controls GitHub
Stylus Inject Style rules into websites automatically; Fixup any website GitHub


Addon Description Sourcecode
Tree Style Tab Vertical tab tree for managing and grouping multiple/many tabs GitHub
Dark Reader Automatic dark mode; activateable via enable- or disable-list GitHub
Firefox Relay Temporary email aliases
Markdown Viewer Webext Formats Markdown documents GitHub
Tab Stash Stash tabs for later use GitHub
Website Addon FrankerFaceZ
Steam Augmented Steam
YouTube YouTube NonStop
YouTube Youtube Audio


Website Addon Description Sources
Reddit Reddit Old To New Redirect Redirects visits to the current Reddit website/theme GitHub
YouTube Return YouTube Dislike Returns the dislikes on YouTube videos. Data is sourced from last known data + community reactions + extrapolation. GitHub


Website Addon Description Sources
YouTube PocketTube Youtube Subscription Manager
* SoundFixer Can fix audio volume levels GitHub
Steam ProtonDB for Steam Adds Linux-compatibility information GitHub