The Eminence in Shadow

Rating: 8

Interesting and enjoyable series. Great satirical comedy with great animation and directing.

I hate when series show scenes from the future of the series. Presumably to catch and interest the viewer.
But it ends up being a spoiler, spoiling a developing story and breaking immersion and developing continuity.
I recommend skipping the (second half of the) Epilogue in episode 1.

Episode 1 is a somewhat confusing but also interesting different take.
Rather than directly starting into the series and storyline, it felt more like setting a disconnected premise.
While it is consistent in the story, there was a clear cut in storytelling and directing from episodes 1 to 2.

The (isekai) power-fantasy trope is often detrimental to a series. Because overwhelming power often means nothing is really at stake, and consequently no tension or emotional investment. Only a few series manage to shine in other aspects enough so that it does not matter.
After the first two episodes, this series caught me with its meta-humor (trope awareness and trope commentary) and comedy, and great animation and directing quality. It definitely at times strongly leans into annoying tropes, but at least does so making it a satirical point, commentary, and humorous.

I really enjoyed this series.

I wonder how I will feel about the first two episodes when I rewatch the series at some point. I don’t think it’s a good, representative, or captivating start to the series.

Season 2 is a good continuation. It continues the humor quality and builds on the story and character development. But it felt a bit all over the place / unfocused to me. Like random stuff.