That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Rating: 8

Very good and enjoyable series.

Great premise and variance, but some unnecessary service, standard episode production formula, and slow sections conclude to a good to very good series.

The side stories OVA and episodes can be skipped entirely, without much loss and with potential gain.

Some of the execution is very good - but it only really excells in sections between mediocre and sometimes slow standard production.

Isekai. Partially power fantasy.

The movie turns out as more of the same. Ultimately throws too much, too many characters together, losing focus, feels like a generic standard production that would work for any standard franchise, and directs characters as stupidly slow to make the story even work.

Season 1 (2019) (8) 24eps ---> OVA (2020) (7) 5eps --> Web (2023) (7) ---> Season (2021) (7) 12eps ---> Season (2021) (7) 12eps --> Movie (2022) (6)
   --- Side Story (7) 12eps