Jobless Reincarnation

Rating: 9

This became one of my all-time favorites. The world building is exceptionally good. The animation, storytelling, and setup is great.

There’s only two parts of it I hated, or at least disliked. One is lewd aspects of it, and the second (without spoiling anything) irritating, very different scenes.

Given how great it was otherwise, it made me think about it’s lewd aspects. If it is embedded within the story, the setup, how much of it drives story and interactions, brings something specific and special to the series? What is irritating about it, and can I accept it for what it is - a part of it? Surely with intention by the creators?

  • 10/10 world building - beautiful scenery, varying environments, big world
  • 10/10 character building, depth, and development
  • 10/10 pacing
  • 10/10 emotional depth - difficulties, heartfelt struggles, human faults, care and love, relationships, developing friendships
  • 8/10 direction

Definitely a recommendation. Truly touching, with exceptional parts. And exceptional series.

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