How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Rating: 7
  • imagery 7/10 - nothing stands out, very basic, decent enough
  • animation 6/10 - very low effort, low movement animation

The series quite often hints at and presents stuff without disclosing them, to then reveal them afterwards. In season 2, characters talking about “ah you mean that thing we talked about” multiple times, or characters whispering to each other without disclosing to the viewer. Not very organic, or captivating. Pretty cheap directing.

Some interactions stood out as very forced to completely lay out explanations within dialog between characters at the location. I found that irritating too.

Pacing seems a bit fast and unfocused, and especially jumpy and disenchanting with how wide, and kind of all over the place what is happening is. One could say the wide focus and spanning time is a reasonable direction choice. But if that was the goal, I think it could have been implemented better with less irritating and long dialog spanning out way too much reasoning, planning, preparation.

Nevertheless, a worthwhile series.

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