Handyman Saitou in Another World

Rating: 8

Handyman Saitou is a very good comedy with a story.

The series begins and ends in a more humorous scenes style with multiple scenes in an episode. In the larger middle part of it it follows a continuous story though.

It has some great comedy, absurdity, but also some more serious undertones it does not deeply go into, and character depth it explores and develops.

It’s a great mixture of

What I found to be downsides - that are ultimately not ruining the overall very good series - is the unnecessary text-narration when scenes and interactions could stand for themselves. A few too many jumps and flashbacks break story development or investment in scene significance. As a comedy and skit comedy it doesn’t particularly invest in depth - which is ok in and of itself. The shift between short unrelated scenes and the continuous story is hard to assess and rate; it is at least not consistent.

Very good series, very good visuals, good characters and interactions.

Comedic clip with slight, low-impact spoiler:

Action clip of a sword dash: