Black Bullet

Rating: 6

Mostly worthwhile, enjoyable, but felt unfocused, all over the place, confusing, with cheap/missing jokes/running joke tropes.

Somewhat interesting setting, but random power-fantasy, unbased/inconsistent powers, creatures and story.

Broad, general review/spoilers One focus is conflict, action and fights, but fights are never animated exceptionally well. Power fantasies/moves and saving on dynamic animation leads to unfortunately short and uninteresting fights. The protagonist is introduced, with a running joke of being a pervert, without ever acting like one. Later on hinted that he was in the past, without disclosing how so. Much of the protagonists backstory is in the past, and introduced bit by bit through dialog, flashbacks, or not explained at all.

Subjectively, the series felt off, never being able to establish investment, empathy or care into the main characters. Adequate setup is always disarmed through cheap jokes and tropes. Surprisingly enough, they sometimes deliver in setting, setup and presentation on temporary side characters.

Season 1 has a decent conclusion, but leaves much more development and stuff open, setting up follow-up storylines. Apparently the writer opened a restaurant though, so there will not be follow-ups to it.