Attack on Titan

Rating: 10

Episode 1 starts with an obnoxious brat, but by the end of it, you are captivated by a great series with excellent action, great setting and storyline until at least the middle to late of the story arc, and great direction with significance and surprises. It falls down a bit in the last season, going over the top, and losing its footing (relatability, realism and consistency).

There’s an argument that can be made, that the obnoxious brat has to be that way to introduce and set the strong will and perseverance of them. I still wonder, or believe, it could have been done better. Either way they do show some character development, much like all of the characters do.

Rich and diverse characters and side characters. The storyline and characters are acteurs, but also subject and victims to a complex world and happenings.

The last season is a three part release, with the third part upcoming in 2023. Season (part) ends are decent breakers, but stopping/taking a break after season 3 is a great place to do so too.

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