In Guantanamo – Innocent and still tortured

Majority of Guantanamo prisoners innocent?

They knew!

With the background of having watched the free documentation In Guantanamo it’s a worst crime against human kind.

Sad people can be this evil.


Oh shit, I just wondered and noticed, I didn’t even watch it yet. Just downloaded it.

What I thought of me watching it was in fact me reading a pretty long article about Guantanamo. Now if only I had a link to it…

Ha, there it is. It’s German though. Der Mensch als Beute. About a British citizen being tortured and abused there, while he was still one who tried to fight back and thus maybe did not received harshest treatment there.

Although he lost eye-sight on one eye and on the other eye it returned, after they fixed him and a guard pushed his eyes inside his skull so that when they locked him back up the eyes festered (if that’s the correct word).

Awful story, but one should know what’s going on in our world so one can act accordingly and will not be fooled so easily. (article via fefe)