How to add a Steam Store game to your wishlist while it’s not available for you

Steams new GUI 2010 now has wishlists.

Unfortunately you can only add them in your client and thus if they’re available in your region.

But there’s still a way to add them to your wishlist.

So maybe someone will gift them to you after all. 🙂

For example this is the case for Germans with Aliens vs Predator not available available

You’ll just have to execute some javascript to add it to your wishlist.

If you have firebug installed using its console would be one way.

For AvP just run

AddToWishlist(10680, null, null, null);

and you’re done. (10680 is you appid)

The function is in main.js of the steam store, so as long as you’re logged in you should be able to do it on any store page.