Teamspeak 3 fails again – unique virtual server ID across servers?

lol, ts3 rocks… (NOT ofc)

I moved a ts3 server for a community and the old server was still online to refer users to the new IP.

The community has a free license, so you can have x slots over y (virtual) servers (which may be hosted on different IPs).

Now the new server exited after running 2hours with the error “virtual server id 1 is running elsewhere, shutting down!”.

The only reason I can imagine is the license was checked and the virtual server id has to be unique, even across servers.

Wow, what else can you do wrong?

While we’re at it,

yes it’s a public beta, but users with a new client version were not able to send text messages on an older server.

That’s when I had to update it.

Mumble is better! 🙂