AvP Demo – my 2 cents

my 2 cents on AvP demo:

lol, either my graphics card is way too old, or the engine is crap… the game was reacting way too slow, but it didn’t seem to be low on fps. But maybe that’s the way they handle low fps

And again, I saw where the game was coming from: consoles. 🙁

With a new graphics card, when I have one, I’ll try the demo again. And then we’ll see what I will do then.


Played again. Without ambient illusion, so with stable, good/ok fps.

As an alien. Controls were… not good.

As I played AvP2 a lot with my friends on small LANs I know what a superb game with great controls looks and feels like.

And the new AvP is all that not.

I was kind of looking forward to this game, as AvP2 really was one of the best games.

But I already feared it would end up like this, like many other console-and-PC games.

Especially when I saw first gameplay videos with the console auto-aim-jumping thing.

The demo, probably a bad choice of gamemode itself, did answer my question.

I’ll skip this game.