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Packaging ā€“ How to compress for release packages?

7zip is a great algorythm, and my #1 choice for compressing.

Unfortunately, or not, it does not save unix permissions.

So one way would be to 7zip a tar file, like it is done very often with bzip2 or gzip, for a tar.bz2 and tgz.

Another way is to skip 7zip.

For MumPI 1.2 I did create pretty much any option there is (default compression ratio for all of them, using 7zr and tar on Debian) and thought Iā€™d share compression ratios.

MumPI is a PHP web interface, so a lot of text documents, nothing more.

file-ending compression size %
tar tar 1,003,520 100%
zip zip 373,678 37%
tgz (/tar.gz) tar, gzip 344,698 34%
tar.bz2 tar, bzip2 329,183 33%
tar.7z tar, 7zip 275,526 27%
7z 7zip 274,068 27%

As expected.

In the future, I will pack tar.7z for Unix, and 7z for windows.

Maybe tgz and tar.bz2 for compatibility.

But driving ppl. to use the better software is a good thing to do, right? šŸ™‚

Interesting sidenote:

7zipping on windows: 274,331

7zipping on unix: 274,068

Probably because of different versions or sth.