Dragon Age: Origins

Wow, a great Review of Dragon Age: Origins on GameTrailers.com.

I pretty much missed this until now.

It so reminds me of NWN, from Bioware as well, which was a really great RPG game.

Unfortunately I won’t buy it atm, as I wouldn’t have time to play it (60 hours for play-through, wow) right now anyway,

even though it’s price of 40€ is pretty good. Maybe, or probably, later.

Sad there’s no multiplayer for it, just singleplayer.

The Multiplayer of NWN was rock-solid and great fun.

No DRM or shit, just CD check, and modding tools will be available.

But DLC for a joke-price, it was announced 2 will already be available at release-time… yeah, fuck off with that shit.

If you like RPGs and can enjoy it even without multiplayer, you should take a look at this one.