Modern Warfare 2 – YOU SUCK!

Yeah, great deal.

60€ (mhoa) for a game without dedicated servers or modding support and without being able to select the servers you play on yourself.

Welcome to their 2009.

No, thank you.

And just when I thought about buying MW2.

I didn’t buy MW1 one year after release because it was still a high-price title, and the price wouldn’t be reduced at all. So I skipped it.

I really thought about buying, and would have bought, MW2 until I read about both criteria, while even one of them would probably have been enough for me to skip it.

Spread the word about their shitty actions.

No money for dicks, please!

There’s games from developers and publishers which are more fun, fairer, and who actually care about their customers and community.


My god.

If you can read and understand German, read this Golem article about big talks by Activision. Or listen to it on this audio stream.

Just out for money, insulting players and making working for them horror. Wow.

And now pissing of the entire MW community.

If they’re successful with that game, something is really wrong with this gaming and online community.


fuck them


(just posted a German newspost as well (retracted dead link))