Creative, Frontend and Backend

From a programmers point of view:

As a designer, you just have to get into your few tools.

Probably one design program and one for editing images.

Then all you have to do is be creative and follow some rules or best practices.

As a frontend developer you have your layout and design and just have to align things, use the API provided to you and you can instantly see what works and what does not.

As a backend developer you’ll have to fiddle wich a massive backend, maybe several tiers, think about what the best and most efficient way is to do something.

You may have to search a bad documented framework and its modules, extensions or addons through hundreds of files, without the exact location or method or class name you’re looking for.

After you couldn’t find it, you will have to implement it on your own anyway. And later you may learn: That function was there somewhere, you just didn’t find it.

These are just some quick thoughts that came to my mind today.

Didn’t think about them any further, so…

Anyway, working with a PHP framework right now with a coding style that prefers compact code over clear (structure).

Also, phpdoc is used somewhat sparely.

And damn, I’m missing stronger typing already.

Anyway, it’s massive.

And as a plus:

As a 3D modeler, mapper, story writer, painter, (video) cutter or just working in a factory,

those don’t have a backend. Work yourself into it, follow some best practices, that’s it.

As a backend programmer you’ll always have to think about something new.