hosting a dedicated Trackmania Nations Forever Server (or United)

This is a quick guide. I hate too long texts and descriptions.

Server Files

If you have a TMU(F) Account Manage your Dedicated Server Accounts on (login with game account and enter your CD Key to manage Dedicated Servers).

If you don’t have a TMU(F) Account and just want to create a TMNF (Nations) Server create a new account in your Nations game

(launcher -> configure -> profile -> multiple profile to get profile selection screen. Then launch and create an account.).

Edit your GameData/Config/dedicated_cfg.txt file.

Best put your tracks, if any, into GameData/Tracks and/or create your own subfolders there.

Add your Match Settings files to GameData/Tracks/MatchSettings.

For reference see the Nations folder in there.

Specifying tracks in your match settings file requires you to add their hash as well. One way is to make your match settings from in-game, select tracks and save your matchsettings. An other way is to use a web-interface like remoteCP (see below).

Start your server with

TrackmaniaServer /internet /dedicated_cfg=dedicated_cfg.txt /game_settings=MatchSettings/<yourmatch>.txt

or best create a bash script (one-liner for starting).

/nodaemon for no daemon.

That’s it.

Administration Webinterface

For administration, here’s an interface you might find useful.

The live-component allows in-game control and more:


Edit servers.xml in xml.

Name your server and set the account (SuperAdmin) you set up on your server.

Default admin login: admin with password admin

Log in and change the password under tab Maintenance.

For Live:

Under Maintenance, change the password for account rcplive.

Edit and enter the password for rcplive, change serverid, and change the url to your remoteCP.

Then run