About PC Game Prototype

So, I tried out the PC game Prototype.

And just like in so many other console ports you just see and feel where it’s coming from.

The fast paced action game, playing a super-human/mutant, could definitely be so much fun.

But I had the feeling it was not using PC hardware to it’s potential, more like the opposite: it was wishy-washy, I couldn’t even use my screens 1280×1024. Even worse: with those graphics it should’ve, in my opinion, run smoothly on my PC. It didn’t.

The menus are so console as well.

If you’re a PC gamer, forget it.

And hell:

The targeting system is utterly bad.

At least for me, a PC and shooter gamer.

You press and hold tab, the game slows down, and then you can look around and targets will be autoselected.

No cursor whatsoever.