Imageshack features – torrent download to virtual drive


Imageshack, the image hoster, allows adding a torrent download to your virtual drive on imageshack, wait till it’s done and then download it?

It has been some time since I last used or visited imageshack as it was always really slow. That’s when I switched to, which was and is really good for image hosting.

But just now I did visit imageshack again, checking out a pdf. Then I wondered why the pdf was opened in a new instance of adobe reader although I set it up do not embed it (which it didn’t) and use another default pdf reader.

And that’s also when I found those community functions, rating it and so on.

So I checked the site for other changes, and there it was. A virtual drive of 5GB, 10GB bandwidth and torrent settings as well as a form for adding torrents via upload or link.

For some money you can get even more space and bandwidth.

I totally missed all that.

Very interesting.

Now I wonder… is it still so slow?

But I’ll probably try out that torrent feature!