Source(-Engine) Demo Recording and Video Rendering

Demo Recording, Editing and Playing

record <name>

SHIFT+F2 for demo player,

loading demo files, jumping, and other playback options

from demo player:

Demo editor to skip certain areas etc., saved to an extra file.

So your demo will not be changed.

Demo Smoother for manual camera positioning, moving and smoothing.

Demo Video Creation

for parameters; your choice

set settings as in what to render (resolution, graphic details)

sv_cheats 1
host_framerate <30>

to set the framerate you want in the video/rendering.

To start the movie rendering of demo, enter the following commands into console:

startmovie <videoname>
playdemo <demoname>


and when it’s done, type


This will have exported to tga files and a wav file.

For recording to avi, use

startmovie <videoname>.avi avi