Gravity Ghost – A truly beautiful videogame

I enjoyed Gravity Ghost so much, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a game like this – maybe Braid as the first real memorable indie game. I did get some watery eyes as well. I wrote a very positive Steam review.

The gameplay is great, with great pacing, great art style and music. It never gets old, as continually, very quickly you explore (visually) new kind of worlds and abilities. There are cutscenes, but they tell a great story, in an interesting way. Cutscene graphics could be better, but at least its unique and has a charme this way. The game is short; but being able to play through the entire game in two hours made it all the more intensive and touching. I can only recommend to take the two hours, and play through it in one quiet sitting.

The game is available for an undiscounted 15 USD / €. When you buy the game, you get an extra copy to gift – to someone you love; maybe someone who’s new to gaming.