Eclipse CDT vs JDT (C++ vs Java)

I can’t believe I’m missing mutliple features from Eclipse CDT after switching to JDT.

At work I recently got involved in a new project, switching from C++ to Java. I pretty much established using Eclipse for C++ there as the Embarcadero C++ Builder XE (2) is pretty much useless for effective work. Eclipse was a big efficiency jump – definitely for me, but for others using it as well. Of course I did not get it to work as a debugger, but merely made it useful for coding. And even though the Builder C++ with their GUI framework VCL based on and using Delphi, it works surprisingly well.

Switching to an Eclipse for a Java project I was surprised to miss multiple features I had when working with C++. Surprising because Eclipse is heavily focused onto and was created in the Java environment.

But when I search for references, I miss being able to navigate to code-level, not having to jump to functions and then read through it finding the usages.

Also, when I check a Type hierarchy I’m getting confused by three modes, where only the show parent mode shows me interfaces, and seemingly only those of the immediate parent.