Mafia 2 – console port, issues, no update or fix since release

Wow … Over two years after release, Mafia 2 is still totally buggy.

After launching the game, without ever having played it, it already showed 18% game completion in the game statistics. When choosing story mode and the first option “continue story” the game crashed. Choosing new game worked though. After playing the first chapter, a bit into the second graphical glitches began to appear. A big white smoky texture, flickering across the screen.

The game itself smells a bit of console port as well. The atmosphere at the beginning of chapter 2 was great. But playing the game, I felt a bit limited/restricted (cover system, keyboard layout, scripted stuff …). And how come the audio is so different in tone and place from rendered cutscenes to in-game?

So, over two years after release, this console port has not been polished at all. In fact, it’s still version 1.0 if I can believe the readme that opened on first launch.