Natural Selection 2

I pre-purchased Natural Selection 2 along with Overgrowth as a bundle quite a while back, and played it in the beta. Now, after release I played it again. It has come a long way, looks beautiful and is a lot of fun.

Very interesting and unique.

The gameplay has much variance, making each game an interesting development.

The provided training videos (tutorials/explanations about the game and game mechanics) are awesome! The advanced ones provide great detail about the games mechanics, which I miss in so many other games where you don’t exactly know how you have to control the game for maximum efficiency.

The split of commander strategy and players first person action is one of this games selling points, but obviously the single commander is a single point of failure. I can’t oversee how much influence this has in practice, but if your team does not have a commander and the other does, or your team has a way worse one than the other, this will certainly be an issue. Non-theless you can still have fun even in those cases, and in the end, the other elements of gameplay and general game concepts are very polished and seem to work out very well. Hence, it’s only a minor issue.