Funding Videogames – Project Giana, The Other Brothers and Castle Story

I started backing via Kickstarter

Here’s my three recent picks:

Project Giana looks especially great and polished (19 days to go)

According to Black Forest Games, previously known as Spellbound Entertainment, the core technology and mechanics are done, what they are still missing is finishing up and adding some more content. Unsatisfied with publishers offerings they decided to Kickstart their Game instead of waiting for some funds to be able to finish it. Check out the introduction video, looks great. A fast-paced platformer, visually dynamic and interesting/beautiful.

For 10 USD you already get the full game. The (first) following pledges include Soundtrack and artbook.

The Other Brothers (17 days to go)

An 8-bit style platformer. Looks very “cute” and interesting. Targetted at playtime of only one hour though. (The description talks about it being episodic.)

For 15 USD you get the full game.

Castle Story (already funded, but still running)

A strategy game where you plan out the structures you let your minions build yourself. Explore the magic environment on the floating island you are on, and defend yourself against monsters.

For 15 USD you get the full game.