Humble Indie Bundle 5

The Humble Indie Bundle 5 is now open for pay-what-you-want, cross-platform-version purchase.

The bundle is superb again. I recommend it to everyone who feels a slight interest. For Bastion alone I’d recommend it.

Unfortunately, I already own 4 of the 5 games – and I’m not /that/ interested in Sword, so I’m still thinking about it.

Bastion and Limbo are great from an artistic as well as from an atmospheric point. Both use an isometric camera position, Bastion from an angular top and Limbo as a side-scroller. While Limbo has a very dark atmosphere and environment, Bastion is quite the contrary – very colorful. While Limbo stands out with its dark atmosphere, Bastion shows how a constant narration can play in to even interactive games and gives an interesting touch to playing. These two are definitely the highlight for me, in thus Bundle.

Amnesia for the role-playing and horror fans. Not sure what exactly to speak about on the other two. Psychonauts pretty much is a classic jump-and-run (with typical additions), while Sword is a very atmospheric story with (slight) interactivity – pretty much point-and-click.

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