Tube – Indiependant Open Short Movie

Tube is an open short-movie project. You may have heard of and/or seen the movies / animation films resulting from the Blender foundations initiatives, like Big Buck Bunny (2008) or Sintel (2010). Now, it seems outside of the Blender foundations initiative, the film and animation studio urchn is developing a open movie with a decentralized team. And the director of Elephants Dream (2006) seems to be involved as well.

The project now looks to be funded via Kickstarter, which also has an introduction video. The latest update (#6) is very informative in the aspect of tools they use and want to publish. The video was produced for the recent Libre Graphics Meeting.

Funding ends on May 16th. Currently, the funding stands at 33k USD, above their “bare minimum” of 22k, but still below their now-target of 50k.

The Tube project is a new experiment in distributed collaboration.

Seeing free software in effective and productive use is a very good thing. That the project targets to be open itself, releasing all source materials (assets, scripts, artwork, etc) under a permissive creative commons license as well shows their enthusiasm towards free.