Trine 2 – Must Have, Must Play

Today, I played Trine 2. It is as awesome as the first Trine.

Trine 2 is an action roleplaying side-scroller game, with some jumping/mechanics puzzle-solving. You control 3 different characters with different abilities; wizard, thief (archer) and Warrior (Shield+Sword/Hammer). As in Trine 1 you can instantly switch between them; combining their powers to solve puzzles, while you can stick to your preferred class most of the time. In Trine 2, there is now Coop-Multiplayer, so you and your friends can play as a chosen character, each one choosing a role. The beautiful levels are designed so most obstacles can be passed with different approaches and character abilities. Use the warrior to jump across platforms across, the thief to grabbling-hook across, or the wizard to build your own bridge, etc. Physics is a big part of puzzles.

The story is neat, and told in a great, atmospheric way, fitting the beautiful, astonishing graphics and settings.

In my opinion a must-play title. And if you are unsure, definitely check out the demo of Trine (1)!

Some Screenshots I took while playing.

Update: By the way: a Trine 2 demo was release now as well!