Ultrasound surgery – healing without cuts

TED Talk on uninvasive ultrasonic treatments (/“surgeries”).

First example case: movement disorders (parkinson/tremor); independant again within one morning of focused ultrasonic in the brain.

Some more examples follow, cancer and tumors.

The patient, or rather part of him, is put into the device, where the source of ultrasonic is separated with water from the body. The doctor will specify a safety-zone of operation of the device with the help of MRI images. He will then specify the specific target that will be treated (heated). The device will first emit a lower-energy sonic so the target area is heated, which the doctor can in turn see on the MRI images and check the correctness. Then the real heating can be done.

For the brain example, the sonic is emitted from half-around the head, uniting in the target, leaving no damages elsewhere.

Non-invasive scanning and non-invasive focused heating resulting in non-invasive operations with almost spontaneous results.