Version Control By Example – Free e- and Book

Some weeks(/months?) ago I found the book and eBook Version Control By Example where the Author of the book offers to send a printed book to you as well as provides the eBook for free. Earlier this week I got an unforeseen package in my mail, with the book in it. Awesome! So, promotion successful, here I write about it. πŸ™‚

The book explains version control concepts and history, describes how to use them, and some technical details in the end. Alongside SVN, a focus is on the distributed version control systems Git, Mercurial and Veracity. Veracity is a new, created with companies in mind, DVCS by the authors company.

The book looks well made (great art and design) and seems to have a lot of information. If you’re not that familiar with (D)VCS or interested in the topic, check it out!