USA – another murder of an innocent

Has been some time since my last blog post. So, here I go.

USA murdered an innocent again (you heard of the black guy who was accused by the first suspect of murder and 9 others, 7 taking it back later on, of the murder. No other indicators that it was him. Still, he was sentenced to death and executed last week). Take a second thought on sending your data to the USA and to US based companies (SWIFT, Facebook, all the european flying data). Make it clear to yourself: The USA are not something to follow with their flawed political, social and community system. They have Guantanamo, privatised jails, death sentence (or rather murder “oops, we did it again to an innocent), patent system and judicative/laws that allow trolling and suing for shit, getting and loosing tons of value (money and time). The american way of life is not something to follow, even if they tell you. Analyse what they do, and learn from it.

I really hope they can change their system in the future. But that will only happen after fixing their broken system of choice between 2 parties, a Duology (as in Monopoly), which are not so different in the end. Only then can they change and improve on laws, openness, transparency and fact-based, fair decision making. Maybe pirates can change it?