– Service and Software for easy, anonymous and volatile File Sharing

This is the kind of service I love. is an easy to use, anonymous and volatile file-sharing service using HTML5 for a nice & easy interface. Drag in your files and as long as you keep your tab open it is in the servers RAM and you can share it via link. When you close or unshare it, it’s gone. Thus, it is very user-friendly and awesome in several ways.

  • Anonymous by default. Well, not only by default, but always. For both, sharer and downloader.
    • Volatile. It has a specific focus, only handles that and in a perfect way. Done sharing, file gone. No need to later unpublish or whatever.
    • Easy to use. Just drag and drop your file and you are presented the link to share it with. And downloading is just as easy. Open link, click download.

Also awesome: The software they use is released open-source under the GPL. So you can check if their claims are true; or just host your own awesome service if you’re that mistrustful.