TF2 competitive 6v6 for newbies and everyone else

Played a competitive match of 6on6 TF2 today. Was awesome.


the group 6v6newmix was featured in the Team Fortress 2 blog as a great (relatively new) way to find mixed matches. Newbies welcome.

Always wanting to play some competitive matches in TF2 as well, today I tried my luck. You’ll just have to comment on an event, join the named mumble and connect to the server details given there. Then you’re already in!

And indeed, they were friendly explaining to me what a pocket (vs roaming) soldier is; the one staying with the medic, and what equalizing means; damaging yourself for faster moving on initial spawn with the equalizer. You figured by now, I played a soldier today.

Especially the second (or was it third?) game was really fun. I can only encourage you to try it.