Watching eSport

WellPlayed now has a streaming portal. And wow, it’s great.

Tonight, as has been announced, there will be the first time for a now weekly sunday night Starcraft 2 tournament. Innovative part: Big commentated screen stream and 2 ego-perspectives of the players on the side. That’s 3 active streams, having a high quality commented match of skilled players and 2 ego-perspectives of great players you can learn from and enjoy watching their tricks and skills. Very promising, sadly too late for us europeans at 23:00 UTC.

Still, that’s how I found the portal of already-promising-before-that WellPlayed which seems to have great navigational capabilities and embeds live-streams along with community features like upvoting/liking and following.

Very promising indeed.

On another note, I watched a lot of superb Starcraft 2 matches yesterday in TotalBiscuits Starcraft 2 tournament shoutcraft invitational. 3 best-of-5s with ONLY great matches. Interestingly was always Terran vs. Zerg. And greatly commentated by TotalBiscuit and another commentator. Let’s see what the day today brings, streaming starts at 15:00 UTC, that’s in 50 minutes.