Bad move – Crysis 2 removed from Steam Store

Update: It seems Crysis 2 was not removed by EA but by Valve from the Steam Store because a new contract (probably with Origin) was against the (new) terms of Steam. That also explains why Crysis 2 is still available on other platforms. I think it could be because maybe EA wanted to make DLCs Origin exclusive while Steam terms say DLCs always have to be added to Steam (as well). Hopefully Steam does not demand exclusivity. Waiting for info by Valve …

A few years ago, owning a game was simple. You bought it, you had it. Nowadays you rent a service, temporarily available, trusting or trying to trust on the good-will of the big (non-trustworthy) companies alone (at least if you are indeed buying those games – there are good alternatives). You can’t even be sure any more that a game that yesterday was available at your store of choice is still available there today.

EA decided to remove their games, Crysis 2, from Steam, the leading digital distributor. Boy, what a bad decision.

Well, one could say that was to be expected. I wrote about why I did not buy Crysis 2 and at least wait some time and a price drop because of their company and anti-customer policy. Well, there you have it. They continue to blindlessy do things it seems.

I hope they start with problems with their new digital distribution platform Origin because then it will have been an utterly bad choice. At the moment you can buy it from other digital distributors, just not steam. To be able to get users to switch of course. But every new software and platform will have its problems. Why do you have to remove a distribution channel, take something from the customers they previously had? If you are making BF3 Origin-exclusive, isn’t that enough? I think moving forward and in the future would be the far better option then to silently remove options. Launch Origins, with a smaller user base, and optimize it. Only if it’s good software and a good experience will users approve and/or not care. If Origins is awful, there will be rant and you will lose yet more reputation (it’s said EA still has for some).

Well, just the wrong policy. Obfuscation and taking away previously available options. Let’s see what more is to come.