EA as bad as ever – no BF3 after all?

Update: It was now announced the DLC will be unlocked for everyone later on, within this year. Good work community! Now, that doesn’t help against the no-LAN and further to come DLCs, but this big issue is solved now. Now, actually reading through the entire blog post, one DLC will be unlocked later on. Another one pre-orderers recieve will be released later on, and you will then have to buy it. Maps in DLCs … Boy, what a bad idea. Splitting your community. We will see.

I just found out – damn you EA – that BF3 will have a DLC at launch, where your retail game will already miss maps, weapons and “perks”. You want to play Multiplayer? Good luck, you’re already at a disadvantage. Another go at distributing a game with the fuck-you-customer policy.


link mentioned in one of the comments, which is supposed to lead to a BF3 blog post announcing the DLC seems to have had its content removed. Now, I wonder what that leaves to be expected. Tactic of hidance? Consideration? “Fuck, they found out what it really means!”? (Update: Correct link. Comments there are closed. found@)

The footage on BF3 was awesome up until now. Especially gameplay presented at E3 in a show was super-awesome. Looked like in a movie.

Now, trailers are often polished. Press hyped. Etc. It tells you nothing about release and customer policy, good content, modding, server and community support or ignorance. The announcement of the DLC did.

Now BF3 is another one of those games you can be sure to feel “I bought an incomplete game”. “This and that is out there, but I don’t have it”. Even before the first later DLC.

Also, I highly object Map-DLCs. Why would you do that? It separates the community and players. You only get disadvantages from it.

By the way, some people said it was not DICEs fault, it was EAs idea and doing. Well, the contract has 2 partners. DICE at least did not object. They did not care. At least not enough. So DO BLAME THEM AS WELL! Only when nobody makes contracts like that with EA anymore will EA have NO CHOICE but to change their policy.

Ignorance at work. Let’s see how EA and DICE will react.

I for one will not buy it like that. Unfair policy and unfair gaming is stupid. And I ask you to read and decide as well. Boycott. Contact them.

Update: It seems there will be no LAN and 3 times more DLCs than BFBC2 had (Links to German content).