Terraria – Awesomeness

You do not know how great Terraria is just like I did not know until I played it (and informed myself more).

Terraria is a 2d, side-scrolling, sprite-graphics-stylized  action roleplaying game. You are in a world with materials and minerals which you can digg and build through, like Minecraft. But it has a lot more: various useful items and environments in your world. And there’s still much to come.

If you can enjoy that kind of game, buy it. It’s just 10 €. There is enough content in it, and more to come. If you have friend(s) to play with you, perfect. That’s how it’s supposed to be played. Beginning may be a bit slow, but progress will be there and you will enjoy it.

It’s not a clone of Minecraft, as many first say. It was influenced by it, but just as much as by clonk and other games or ideas. I especially prefer the combat and enemy-system. Much better and much more fun than Minecraft.