Clearing Disk Space

For a long time now I had very little disk space left on my 1 TB C drive where I install all programs. This meant I couldn’t install big games or programs even temporarily.

Turns out a lot of developer cache data accumulated across platforms and technologies. Clearing them out left me with a lot of free disk space - considerable breathing room.

%USERPROFILE% resolves to the user profile folder in C:\Users\<name> and can be entered in the File Explorer path or otherwise resolved from the environment variable USERPROFILE.

What helped me discover the relevant folders was WinDirStat - the classic tool to discover and analyze where your disk space is used. Pro-Tip: Disable the Treemap display for better performing interactivity when traversing the tree and deleting items.


35 GB

dotnet nuget locals all --clear


64 GB

Simple delete



11 GB


8 GB

git pull
.\vcpkg update
.\vcpkg remove --outdated --recurse
.\vcpkg update
=> 4 GB


4 GB

gradlew cleanBuildCache
rm folder %USERPROFILE%\.gradle/caches/


3 GB

cargo clean gc 

still unstable


30 GB

binary caches for the ports that you build


1.5 GB