Media Files Intro and ffmpeg Cheatsheet

I created a resource page for ffmpeg commands cheatsheet with a media file intro.

ffmpeg is an astonishing, rich tool for any media file and encoding concerns.

I think the intro to media and video file formats is broad enough for anyone, and very useful to get to know specifics and the necessary knowledge to working with ffmpeg.

I have been using ffmpeg for a long time. To cut video scenes, reencode, convert to other formats, extract audio and convert music to opus.

The technical aspects of media container files and video and audio encoding are very technically and conceptually interesting too.

I love being able to watch series in low size high quality 10-bit x265 in mkv files with split intro and outro (OP ED / Opening Ending). Apart from the size savings, when the OP ED files are missing, you automatically play one episode after the other, without a need to skip them. Great functionality other container formats do not provide.