Skip Steam Link Warnings Firefox Extension

I created a new Firefox extension Skip Steam Link Warnings.

GPL licensed, source code on GitHub.

When opening links in Steam (chat, forums, etc) Steam will warn that you are leaving the Steam platform.

Presumably this is to combat scams/phishing. Users are supposed to take note, and if the target presents itself like Steam, to not log in there.

This extension skips the link warning and confirmation page (“You are leaving Steam.”, “is not an official Steam site”). Web links open directly.


Most links on regular and interactive/social use are just fine.

For active users who regularly open links having to confirm each link opening is annoying.

Even for vulnerable users, if they continue to the external site without conscious notice and understanding, they may still be vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Note of Caution

If you install this addon, make sure you understand what it changes and if it increases risk for you.

Be cautious of not being on the correct website when you plan to log into Steam.