Starship - A Concise Shell Prompt

Starship provides an alternative prompt (interactive interface state feedback). By default it provides concuse information in a useful, colored way.

Screenshot of Starship prompt

Most importantly, it provides concise path information and error code visualization. Conveniently, it trims long paths, and shows git state. Colors and symbols are concise and soft.

Technology wise, it is developed in Rust. Starship source code on GitHub.

Installation with winget

Starship is available via winget.

winget install Starship.Starship


I adjusted the configuration to show me path beyond Git workspace root and for 5 instead of 3 truncated path directories.

notepad ~/.config/starship.toml
"$schema" = ''

truncate_to_repo = false
truncation_symbol = "…/"
truncation_length = 5

Integration with PowerShell

notepad $PROFILE
Invoke-Expression (&starship init powershell)

Integration with Fish

notepad ~/.config/fish/
starship init fish | source

Integration with Nushell

notepad $nu.env-path
mkdir ~/.cache/starship
starship init nu | save ~/.cache/starship/
notepad $nu.config-path
source ~/.cache/starship/